Friday January 17th 2020: Rythmia, Costa Rica

It's been a long couple of days and a wild ride. I don't have the energy to say much today so I'm mostly doing quotes.

One of my favorite things is the email I get every weekday from the universe. Here's today's: 

I think you already feel it, Mindy, but a really HUGE wave of LOVE is coming your way.
Once-in-a-lifetime HUGE. 
Hang ten,
  The Universe
If you think you'd like to get these too, they are free just sign up at


"I can be whoever I choose to be today. Who and how I was yesterday has no inherent connection to who and how I choose to be today. My present is not caused by my past, unless I choose that it be so. For in any given moment, regardless of circumstances, I can choose again. I can choose strength instead of weakness, and love instead of fear. I can choose to bless instead of blame, and to lean into the future rather than dragging with me the past.

The limits of yesterday have no power over the unlimited possibilities of this moment, for in God all things are possible and in God all things are programmed to be perfect. I make myself available to this moment, allowing the spirit of God to illuminate my heart.

Dear God, May this present moment be a holy one, In which nothing but Your light Shines into my mind And extends through me. Amen."

Marianne Williamson

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