Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
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Cherry Blossom

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This one of a kind Mala is made from pink strawberry quartz with real gold highlights and a beautiful one-of-a-kind glass bead by Minori Takagi. This is called a Tombodama bead.

Tamodama's are colorful glass beads which can feature floral and other patterns. The beads are made by rolling molten glass around a steel rod until the glass ball forms. Takagi uses Satake glass in her beadmaking, which is much softer than the soda-lime Moretti glass that most US beadmakers use. It is believed that Tombodama beads originated in Mesopotamia about 3500 years ago, and were made by craftsman for the members of the royal families. Takagi has participated in numerous workshops around the world, including the International Society of Glass Beadmakers in Washington, DC, and the International Lampwork Festival in Kobe, Japan. She resides in Vancouver, BC.

This necklace does not have a tassel and measures 30".

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