About Mother Mala

Mindy originally began making jewelry as a fun activity to enjoy with her young daughter over 20 years ago. During the convening years she sold some of her designs at art fairs and to friends but was more focused on her career as a Library Director. While she continued to make jewelry over the ensuing years as gifts and for fun, it wasn’t until she experienced a severe trauma and was suffering from stress and depression, that she began designing jewelry as therapy. This aspect of her design journey began when she sought spiritual support and healing from Agape International Spiritual Center (Agape).  

Mindy had difficulty focusing during meditation and decided to purchase a mala.  Unfortunately the malas Mindy found were of sub-par quality and anything but aesthetically pleasing.  Mindy immediately went home and took out all of her jewelry making supplies. Despite not having touched them in years and sought to make a mala that spoke to her full complete and whole heart.

Although she didn't think consciously about it at the time, Mindy knew in retrospect that one of the reasons she did so was because she wanted to make something beautiful, something that she would wear all the time even when not meditating, something that she could use during the day to bring her back to her center and breath.  Literally, once Mindy started making malas, she couldn't stop. With her creativity burning strong in her heart, she started making jewelry of all types, all from quality materials. 

My hope is that my malas will bring you the peace and joy that I receive in making them!

With love and gratitude,