Gift Card to Mother Mala Jewelry

Gift Card to Mother Mala Jewelry

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How Will You Be Using Your Mala? Meditation? Jewelry? Or Both?

Depending upon the answer to this question, the following information will help you decide on bead size.
Most of the malas in the shop are made with either 8mm (larger beads) or 6mm (small beads).

8mm Beads
I find that the larger beads are better for meditation and they are more traditional.

Malas of 8mm beads are much longer and either sit below the naval or can be double wrapped. They have been created with beautiful focal points on both ends just for this purpose.

6mm Beads
These smaller beads create a more delicate necklace and while they do have some design features on the back they are not long enough to be wrapped twice.

These smaller bead Malas often look beautiful wrapped on the wrist.