The Kama Connection

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, for the safety of our customers and staff, we have limited our hours to Saturdays and Sundays (10am to 5pm), the same hours as the Mercado open-air Market in the parking lot.
Check our Instagram and Facebook for updates (thekamaconnection).
Call 970/618-6291 to make a private appointment.
Thank you for your understanding.


We are excited to be offering these rare books!

We are excited to be offering these rare books!

Why Kama?

Kāma (Sanskrit, Pali) means desire, wish and longing and may connote sexual desire and longing, but the concept more broadly refers to any desire, wish, passion, longing, pleasure of the senses, the aesthetic enjoyment of life, affection, or love, with or without sexual connotations. I chose the name Kama because I feel it embodies the spirit of pleasure, enjoyment, and community - all of which are very important to me and I wish for you!